Yellow dried figs shopping center

Currently, the largest shopping center for dried yellow figs in the Middle East is distributing and exporting its product to all parts of the world in the best possible conditions and quality.

Yellow dried figs shopping center offers one of the most important and nutritious nuts available. This food product is consumed in various forms and is considered a healthy snack. Dried figs also have a special place in traditional medicine.

dried yellow figs

What is the nature of dried yellow figs?


Figs are an interesting fruit that is grown today with high species diversity around the world. What we know more as figs; It is seen in one of the yellow or purple colors of black; Each of these has its own characteristics and benefits; Also, different types of fig fruit are possible; Be relatively small or very large; But they are usually moderate.


Figs are a fruit that is found dried, fresh and cooked in compote or jam. This article is dedicated to yellow dried figs, which is one of the most consumed nuts in the market.


First of all, in terms of traditional medicine, the nature of dried figs is yellow, cold and wet; As a result, for people who suffer from weakness or coldness; useful.

In general, consumption of dried figs will strengthen physical strength; It is also effective in treating digestive problems and has been used to prevent or treat constipation since ancient times. Another property of dried yellow figs is that it is rich in iron and is effective in treating and preventing anemia.

dried yellow figs

Export of dried yellow figs


The export of dried yellow figs abroad is important in many ways. First, the boom in trade in this product reflects the benefits and role it plays in the health of the body. Apart from discussing the unique properties of dried figs, its export to foreign countries in high quantities, shows that this Iranian dried fruit is of acceptable quality.


Continuing the above explanations, it should be added that Iran has a relatively good potential for the production of dried fruits and figs are no exception to this rule.

Fertile soil, abundant orchards, relatively low cost of energy and manpower are among the facilities for the production and supply of dried figs and similar products.


Dried yellow figs are more nutritious and have more calories than fresh fruit; This food is rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates and can be consumed as a tonic snack.

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