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wholesale dried fig

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wholesale dried fig

Features of dried Figs

To inform of the latest price dried Figs Estahban in Iran, a way simple and easy to go to the store for online and centers active in the field of the fig tree dried up to be. Figs are full of Materials Minerals Useful as iron, calcium and potassium are. Source very well the fibers can be and fiber contained in it than other fruits and and vegetables More is.

Dried Figs Balky from the city Estahban in the province of Fars prepared to be. In cities no longer the province such as straw fine, opioid and … dried Figs found to be the fig Estahban of quality higher and method of cultivating certain to have been.

The division of kind of dried fig

Fig and dried by and unique to the individual after the crash, the warehouses used to be and based on color, size and mouth open, the resolution will be.

wholesale dried fig
wholesale dried fig

Divided into categories based on color: Color of Figs as clear and transparent than it is, has a value of more and tastes sweeter than it is. Fig and coffee in the flavor up to pickles are and the quality lower than with.

Divided into categories based on size: the size of the Figs, the larger is, where Figs are sweeter than and expensive than it is.

Divide markets by mouth open and or close to: at the time of Figs both the water and sugar in the product further, it would burst and gap larger than the body can be. Fig and with the mouth open more valuable than.

How to keep Figs Estahban

Price dried Figs Estahban in the market.

The price of this product in the market based on the quality of different it is. Such as the above mentioned, we like the color, size and mouth open and, at the price of making the impact of the leaves. To get in on the price dried Figs can be found in malls selling online and the site of the prestigious going to be.

Buy online Figs and dried to form bulk and bulk of the Center for Iran to be online to do can be and you also can get the best of you from the store of the prestigious bought you. Fig itself the fruit of a very high quality and Prkhasyt is that today the dry is it also to be of considerable use to be. Figs dried from among the most nuts are available in the market is that the rate of several to sell it arrives. It should be noted that buying online Figs dry the site by reputable country in the event of major and bulk of carrying it out.

Dried fig production center

Dried Figs one of the best and selling the fruits of being in the world that is that of course Iran to as the fifth country to produce for the introduction of the. Over the produce Figs dried in the city Estahban in the province of Fars, which is and the product to be major and minor in the market to sell it there.

Where does it grow?

  • Production of dried Figs in Darab
  • Production of dried Figs in Jahrom
  • Production of dried Figs in Kazeroon
  • Production of dried Figs in Firooz Abad

In this city, the fig tree dried to form an organic and natural products are used and by the Company by close of entering the market is and the more the amount of sales you are looking for there.

The introduction of dried Figs

wholesale dried fig
wholesale dried fig

As you may know the nuts very great country, Iran, which has sold very great that is, the ability to dried Figs pointed out. This product to the properties and characteristics of that is in the world of the importance of a lot of that is. The properties of Figs dry will be on the following points were:

  • The drug health of the skin to cause a vitamin C
  • Addressed by leaving the lips and the treatment of dry skin
  • The drug health of hair is due to vitamin A and C.
  • Prevention and prevention of white latest hair
  • The best cancer treatment, especially breast cancer
  • It has a lot of antioxidants
  • Reduction of more triglycerides and reduce the disease of heart
  • Reduce the immediate pressure high

The sale of Figs dry can be the option of following points were:

  • Dried Figs at the Super
  • Dried Figs hundred a Shirazi
  • Dried Figs in kind AA
  • Dried Figs in kind A.
  • Dried Figs in kind AB
  • FIG dry type B
  • Buy dried Figs online
  • Buy dried Figs online

Shop for authentic Persian by setting up sites for the Internet, the possibility of buying online dried Figs and for the fans it provides has been and buyers you can with the least time possible any number of the product that will be the the price is right, children and babies traveling. Buy online Figs and dried to form the bulk of the set of very useful and convenient to buy cheaper the product that is and of the representation of the disabled in the country may be will be.

Wholesale dried fig prices list

List price dried Figs Major multi- filled? Figs dried in the possession of a variety of materials about the need for the body, popularity, especially the in between all the communities in your allocated data is. In continuing with a list price Figs and dried to form major who we were.

Wholesale dried fig prices list

Figs to the fruits of which are gourmet is and the rich, centuries of is that in the world of popular it is. Studies last about the properties of Figs show has been the Figs in the treatment of many of the problems of Medicine, the Diabetes taken to eczema, utility is. So it is a species of Figs to the list Buy your add you. The things we do, you ‘ll you do with the properties of Figs dry for health and beauty familiar to us.

The value of food fig dried

Figs are not to the taste of sweet, gentle and uses multiple to the attention of the deal are the food of minimal calories and no fat there. A number Figs Great newly only 47 calories there. If you want to weigh brief, the consumption of Figs (in no thought of moderation) Alternative suitable for the promise of unhealthy it is. Figs are full of all kinds of vitamins and the production of minerals is that the body is very essential they are.

These materials are from:

  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitaminc
  • Vitamink
  • Vitamins of group B
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • Zink
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Iron

Wholesale dried fig prices list

There are a variety of fig drying caused by the list price of the buy and sell in bulk, must be. Fig and dried after the production of sorting and wrapping you up to the price of making correct and fair set for each one of them to determine the cause.

wholesale dried fig

With regard to the volatility of recent currency and also the problems that the country of our beloved country with the goal to up the price of making the goods to extremely hard by the price of day to day changes can be. But with regard to the research field of action were identified were the price Figs dried in the market around the time of the price of the following can be.

Wholesale dried fig prices list

Grade A: 31 thousand USD

The two: 26 thousand USD

To buy the best and the quality of the type of Figs dry the face of the consultants and experts we have in relation luck to you and to do the best choice to help us.

Latest prices of dried Figs in Shiraz

Price dried Figs in Shiraz, with regard to the quality of the product it has been filled and you buyers this product Figs dry, you can last the price of this product to the site online for sale see you.

Prices of dried Figs

Product dried Figs in Shiraz from the packaging of various important is the production of the product with regard to the classification and category of the nuts to the product price of the building had been. Your clients are can to see the latest prices Figs dry city of Shiraz to list the reference check.

Distributor of dried fig product in the country

Distribution of the huge country, the basins player and a crop of Figs dry- manufacturing city of Shiraz activity will slow. The distribution of the Figs dry to the production of large- Shirazi prepared and bought up and then the use of the system of large and advanced Pkhshsh, in all of the precious right to distribute and broadcast the scoring.

The benefits of the purchase and use of dried Figs Shiraz

Dried Figs one of Khshkbarhay produced very useful and nutritious it is, in Shiraz this product Figs to grow and nurture the turns and then the ready to use in the form of dried Figs out by and for the use (s) will appear.

The product properties of many to have to be and we are low on options are of it for you to talk like that:

  • Anti- allergic to the skin
  • Treating the severe problem of constipation
  • Prevention of the diseases of the heart
  • Healing the wounds of the suffering painful stomach
  • Fix and cure bloating stomach
  • Treatment of anemia
Prices of dried Figs

Your buyers for this to be able to ease the price of dried Figs Get up, you can find the site for the sale of this product go to. Seller big dried Figs Shiraz List price with regard to quality and quality Figs dry set- up is and to inform the public on the site specific and credible Buy dried Figs Shirazi, the data is. Customers will be able to this site referred to and price of the view that, and then with respect to their need for the product dried dried Figs producing Shiraz and to easily produce and buy them.

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