Use of Sella Rice Per Kg for Premature Birth

Since there are different types of Sella rice per kg and it is offered by many sellers, you must act like a professional in buying rice so that you don’t lose your head.

There are many methods for identifying good Iranian rice, but we will review the most common and most widely used methods below.

Having good aroma and taste: In general, authentic Iranian rice has a better flavor and smell compared to foreign rice.

Because it originates from the best rice fields in the fertile areas of the country. If we want to check the amount of aroma and flavor of Iranian rice.

high yielding rice such as Shiroodi, Fajr, and Neda cook better, but the amount of aroma and flavor is weaker than Tarem, Sadri, and Hashemi rice.


How do I know if rice has aroma? In order to understand how good our rice smells and smells, you should take a handful of rice and put it in your palms and smell it.

Certainly, if it is authentic Iranian rice, it will have a good smell and if it is foreign rice, it will not have any smell.

Not having a brass band: In the mechanized harvesting of rice, the seeds are separated from the clusters and threshing is done at the same time as the harvest, and with this method, 25% moisture from the living stalk reaches the paddy, which must be removed from the sack in less than 24 hours and for 48 hours.

Dry for 72 hours at 30 to 40 degrees, to eliminate the risk of binding and increasing the refractive index.

In mechanized harvesting, if the paddy is wet and turns into white rice, its breakage percentage increases up to 25% and its price decreases due to spotting and stringing.

For this reason, the rice that has been dried incorrectly will be split in half and a line will fall in the middle of the rice and break with a blow.

The grains of rice are good, without cracks and cracks, but poor quality rice has transverse cracks.

And usually the color of the rice band is much whiter than the rice itself and it is easily recognizable.

How do I know if the rice is stringy? The stringiness of rice is easily recognizable.

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