The Italian Marble in India Was Auctioned on Amazon

The most important distinction of Italian marble in India countertops compared to other stones, including granite, is its unique beauty, which is unique and does not exist in any other stone.

In addition to this, the high color diversity of marble itself is considered to be one of its advantages, which makes it compatible with all kinds of decorations.

High durability: If the marble countertop is well taken care of, it will last a long time.

Unique design and color theme: The way the slab stones are formed is such that you cannot find any two marble slabs that are exactly alike.

Therefore, this property of marble is suitable for people who like to always be unique and special.

Because in this case, the counter made of this stone is unrepeatable.


Marble light transmission ability: Another unique feature of marble is its ability to transmit light, which is not found in any other stone.

When you place a light source behind the marble, the transparency of this stone creates light and its colors appear warmer and more vivid.

It is a style: Marble is one of the lightest natural stones and because its extraction cups are small, marble slabs are short.

Disadvantages of marble countertops
Marble is a rare stone, so it is more expensive than other natural stones.

In addition, the cost of installing marble as well as repairing it is more than the size of the stones.

Marble stones are unfortunately fragile and not as strong as a stone like granite.

Therefore, it needs more maintenance. In addition, in order to reduce water absorption, it must be waterproofed. Otherwise, it will stain. Marble is a limestone that reacts and changes color when it comes into contact with acidic substances.

Marble countertops are not a good choice for frequently used areas such as an open kitchen, because in this case, it requires constant maintenance, and in this case, a high cost must be spent.

Therefore, it is better to use it only for the counter table of luxury and rarely used places such as hotels and special buildings. that beauty has more priority.

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