Prices of dried figs for export

The price of dried figs for export is specified in the latest lists provided by the manufacturer. The desired products are priced according to their characteristics.


Nowadays, with the increase of people’s awareness in the field of different types of food products, the demand of people in the field of fruits and natural materials is more, which is in different samples.


Packing dried figs


Dried figs are an example of dried fruits that are offered in world markets. These products are offered in the market in both bulk and packaged forms. Customers who buy dried figs try to buy packaged dried figs for health reasons.

In each of the production companies, figs are sorted in specific containers, which are mentioned below:


  • Dried figs in plastic containers
  • Dried figs in paper boxes
  • Dried figs in nylon
  • Dried figs in disposable containers

dried fig export

Dried figs for export


Due to the excellent quality level that we find in Iranian dried figs, we are witnessing the major sales of these products in the markets. In addition to the fact that dried figs are sold in domestic markets, we also see them trading in foreign markets.

Dried figs for export are considered by different countries, which we will describe in the following:


  • Country Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • Country of Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Turkey
  • Prices of dried figs for export


If we want to name the highest quality dried figs among the various types, dried figs for export are a good option. Because these products are at a good level in terms of quality, which are suitable for export. The price of dried figs for export in our country’s markets has been determined, which helps a lot in transactions.

Here we want to mention the factors affecting the price of dried figs for export, which are as follows:


  • Packaging of dried figs for export
  • Manufacturer of dried figs for export
  • Dried fig production company for export
  • How to supply dried figs for export
  • Weight of dried figs for export

dried fig export

The latest price of dried figs


The price of dried figs for export in the markets is determined according to the lists that put the latest prices in your customers’ dessert.

The cheapest and most expensive prices are offered in the lists, based on which customers can buy your products with complete confidence.

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