natural dried figs – All About Dried Figs

natural dried figs – All About Dried Figs

Fig is one of the nutritious and fresh fruit which is used treat various diseases. This fruit belongs to the category of semi-warm fruit and the reason of that is, its growth in such areas as Samangan in Iran. Dried fig have a lot of benefits. That is why this fruit has been exchanged to an important product.

The Best Dried Figs

One of the best types of dried figs is yellow dried figs which has dedicated a large number of trees of this type in Iran. This type of fig is so sweet and has gained lots of popularity because of its special taste. For this reason, yellow figs have become the most popular fig in order to be dried, which are widely used in export and commerce.

Natural Dried Fig

Natural dried figs have many benefits and properties. The calory of this kind of fig is more than the fresh figs and contains high amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber. Natural dried figs have many therapeutic properties, including:

  • Ø In the treatment of inflammation of the respiratory system, kidney, pneumonia, measles, scarlet fever and smallpox has a huge effect.
  • Ø Natural dried fig is used to treat cold.
  • Ø Sore Throat can be cured by this fruit.
  • Ø People who are suffering from indigestion can use natural dried figs.
  • Ø Gastric ulcers is one of those diseases which can be cured by dried figs.
  • Ø Natural Dried Fig is contained by sulfur which can help you to have healthy hair and prevent from calvities.
  • Ø Perhaps one of the most important concerns for any person is the health of its teeth. For this reason, it uses a variety of items to keep them in a good situation. Eating dried figs can make your teeth whiter and stronger.
  • Ø Calcium is a key ingredient in strengthening bones and can be found in a variety of foods. Dried figs are a rich source of Calcium that can strengthen bones or reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Ø Learning better and having a strong memory is what everyone wants. You can eat some dried figs daily to achieve this goal. Also, if a pregnant woman uses dried figs during her pregnancy, the fetal memory will also be strengthened.
  • Ø You may find it hard to believe, but dried figs also have vitamin C too. For this reason, people with anemia can consume this dried fruit into their daily diet.
  • Ø If you want to gain weight, one of the best thing to eat is dried fig. because this type of dried fruit has a large amount of fat and calary. That is why it is so helpful for your body to get fatter than before.


The properties which we told them are only a part of the benefits of this dried fruit and has more other things to know.

natural dried figs
natural dried figs

Benefits of Dried Figs For Pregnant Women

One of the main consumers of dried figs are pregnant women who need to keep their body stronger than every time. There are a great amount of Omega 3 in dried figs which can make a person’s body strong and stronger. In order to prevent pregnant women from bearing a baby prematurely, they can use Omega 3. Omega 3 can be found in the fish and shrimps.

Dried Fig Buyer

One of the main buyers of dried figs are trading companies that use them as the main export product. Because dried figs have lots of properties. That is why a lot of people are attracted to this dried fruit. So these kinds of companies buy a great amounts of fresh fig and after drying them, transfer to other countries.

The main sellers of fresh figs are farmers. They grow the best figs and then sell them to the askers. It is also important to note that farmers receive a much lower percentage of selling this fruit.

Air Sun Dried Figs

Drying is one of the ways which can maintain the properties of a product such as fig. Since dried figs are made of different nutrient, a lot of people start to dry it. Because fig is not present in all seasons by drying it, can be used in all time. For this reason, in order to consume it, you need to know how to dry it. one of the main method in drying fig is using sunlight.

First, you should know that sun-dried figs have many benefits. That’s why it’s one of the best ways to dry.

The days which is needed that the figs go dried completely, are 2 to 3 days. An important note that every one has to know is when night arrives, it is better to bring them in a closed place and then put it back in the sun.

natural dried figs
natural dried figs

Drying figs in factories

Factories are the main producers of dried figs. That’s why they use a special way to dry them. Totally factories use dryers to lose fig’s water and Humidity. That’s why a lot of dried figs are produced daily. Some of them are sold in local shops and for daily consumption and a great part of them are transferred in different countries.


Quality Figs

Fig is one of the fruits which have different qualities. That’s why every person has different choices. Iran is one of the countries where many figs are produced annually and then exported to other countries. Estahban is one city in Iran that produces the highest quality figs. Buying figs can give you a lot of benefits. This kind of fig can help your digestion and make your bones stronger. Estahban`s fig has a very special taste and because of its sweetness, many people consume it.

Other cities also have high quality figs and each city provides a large number of figs in order to use and export. These figs can be dried and then selled to some companies which are due to export.

Types Of Dried Figs

Dried figs are one of the main products of Iran that most of them are exported to different countries. These dried figs are divided into the following categories:

  • Grade 101 (AAA)
  • Grade 101 (AA)
  •  101 (A)
  • Grade (AA)
  • Grade (A)
  •  Grade (B)
  •  Pressed Grade (A)
  •  Pressed Grade (B)

Each of the mentioned dried figs has its own quality which we will discuse about them below.

Grade 101 (AAA)

Grade 101 (AAA) can be considered as one of the most expensive dried figs which the seeds of them are available in two colors:

  • Ø White
  • Ø Yellow

The size of the seeds are larger than 24mm which almost are considered as large seeds.

Grade 101 (AA)

Grade 101 (AA)  is also among the exported dried figs whose seeds are light in color. Yellow and white are the colors seen in this type of figs.

The average size of these seeds are among 22mm.

Grade 101 (A)

Grade 101 (A)’s seeds also have two different colors. Yellow and white are the two colors. The sizes you can see in this dried fig’s seeds are between 14 and 22 mm.

Grade (AA)

Dried fig Grade (AA) is another type of export fig whose seeds are available to be seen in both white and yellow. The average size of these seeds is 20 mm.

Grade (A)

Grade (A) is a little different with other dried figs. It’s seeds can be found in two yellow and brown in color. Also the size of these seeds are 20mm in average.

Grade (B)

Grade (B) is one of the best dried figs whose seeds can be seen in two different colors:

  • Ø Brown
  • Ø Grey

Seed’s size in average are 14 mm.

Pressed Grade (A)

The seeds of pressed grade (A)  are wet and pressed by a powerful machine. The colors of these dried figs are light and can be offered in three different types of packaging as below:

  • Ø 250 g
  • Ø 400 g
  • Ø 500 g


Pressed Grade (B)

Pressed grade (B) is a little similar to pressed grade (A) in packaging but its color is a bit darker than pressed grade (A). This package is like below:

  • Ø 250 g
  • Ø 400 g
  • Ø 500 g


Prices of Dried Figs

The prices of dried figs are determined by several factors, but quality is one of the most important one. Generally, the higher quality, the more price is required. These figs are mostly used for export. For this reason, a large number of dried figs are produced annually in different cities of Iran, the most important of these cities are Estahban, Neyriz, Jahrom and Samangan.

natural dried figs
natural dried figs

Nutritional value of dried figs

As it is said, the nutritional value of dried figs is very high and this value is higher than its fresh type. Each 100 grams of fresh figs has the following values:

Calories: 74 g

Carbohydrates: 19 g

Protein:  7 g

Fat: 3 g

Fiber: 3 g

The amounts  which were mentioned, were for fresh figs only and the dried  type is different in amount. As below

Calories: 249 g

Carbohydrates: 9 g

Protein:  3 g

Fat: 9 g

Fiber: 8 g


Important Tips In Buying Dried Figs

If you are planning in order to buy dried figs for your daily consumption, you have to consider three important tips to make sure that the purchase you make does not bring regret . These three recommendations include below sentences:

  • Ø If the color of the dried fig is yellow, its quality will be better.
  • Ø seeds in dried figs must have so few dark types.
  • Ø Your purchased products must be completely organic.

How to preserve dried figs at home

In order to preserve dried figs at home in a great way, you have to follow some rules. The figs must be kept in a closed container so that no air can flow with them. One of the places where you can keep figs is the freezer. but don’t forget to pack it completely.

If the rules pursue correctly, dried figs can be maintained in stores for 18 to 24 months.


Producing fig in a country depends on variety of factors and the process of sustaining it depends on the co-operation of several fields. Farmers and trading companies have extensive cooperation with each other, and all of these jobs cause that the economy of a country grow. Different benefits lead people to buy and use figs. That is why you can also eat and consume dried figs daily and help your body to be more stronger.

natural dried figs
natural dried figs

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