Imperial Leather Soap Used as a Weapon in the War Between Russia and Ukraine

As mentioned, the use of health and cosmetic products has been very popular in recent years, and the annual per capita consumption of these products has increased significantly.

On average, each person consumes about 1 kg of Imperial leather soap annually, which shows the importance of health.

Herbal soaps are a type of soap that is made based on vegetable oils and do not use any chemicals or additives in its production.

Since soap is based on natural vegetable oils, despite their cleansing properties, they can also have therapeutic and therapeutic properties and improve various skin conditions.

The most important benefits of using soap

Herbal soaps are organic and the lack of use of chemicals in them is the reason for their high health and is not harmful for the consumer.

Herbal soaps are completely compatible with nature and have not been tested for harmful effects on experimental animals.

In addition to washing the skin, these soaps also have healing properties.


Herbal soaps have a great variety and the consumer can buy the desired soap according to his skin type and problems.

Which herbal soap is best for me?

The most suitable soaps for dry skin are soft and moisturizing soaps such as cream and glycerin soaps.

The glycerol in the soap completely moisturizes the skin and removes dryness and cracks.

Therefore, it is better for these people not to use hard soaps with a higher mineral and chemical composition.

The best option for oily skin, which is prone to pimples or acne due to excess fat, is to use soaps with anti-pimple and antibacterial ingredients.

What is the main feature of herbal soaps?

In order to know what unique properties a particular herbal soap has, we need to know what plant material and with what properties are added to the raw materials of the soap.

For example, some herbs like cypress and henna are against dandruff and fungus while strengthening hair.

Chamomile, rosemary and marshmallow relieve skin itching. In addition, the marsh has softening properties.

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