Get 10 Years Younger by Eating Ancient Bento Cake in Dibrugarh

One of the Bento cake in Dibrugarh that children love is the cake which you can bake in the oven and surprise them.

Prepare the molds: To prepare the mold, you can grease the bottom of the mold with flour and oil so that the cake does not stick to it.

Of course, another option to prevent the cake from sticking to the walls of the mold is to use greaseproof paper.

You can place the mold on the parchment paper and draw and cut around it with a pencil, now that the parchment paper is exactly the size of the mold, spread it on the bottom of the mold.

In this cake recipe, a round mold with a diameter of 20 cm is enough.

Let the ingredients come to room temperature: Most cake recipes include eggs and butter.

These two primary ingredients should be taken out of the refrigerator earlier to reach room temperature, this will help the butter mix more easily and the cake volume.


Preheat the oven: We suggest turning on the oven to preheat it before preparing the batter

A hot oven makes the cake bake better and reduces the possibility of cracks and unevenness on the surface of the cake.

First, separate the egg yolks and egg whites in two large bowls. Beat the egg white first with a clean electric mixer.

Continue this until the egg white is completely puffed and stiff, so that if you turn the container upside down, nothing will fall out of the container.

Add half of vanilla and two spoons of sugar to the egg whites and mix it again until the sugar is well mixed with it and you don’t hear the sound of small particles breaking.

At the end, put the bowl of egg white in the refrigerator to keep cool.In the next step, mix the egg yolk with the rest of the vanilla and sugar.

You have to continue doing this until the yolk is completely creamy and elastic.Add the boiling water little by little while stirring to the egg yolk.

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