Export of bulk dried figs to Kuwait

Bulk export of dried figs is now being sent outside the borders of our country and has created the highest profitability and due to its unique quality has always been in high demand in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The main destination. The supply of dried bulk figs is Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan.

bulk dried figs

What are the healing properties of dried figs?


The healing properties of the essential oils, have long been known in ancient times. This dried fruit is extremely miraculous and cleanses the intestines and prevents osteoporosis. It is the strongest reliever of constipation and also repairs stomach ulcers.


Dried figs are rich in fiber and cause weight loss and slimming in the limbs. It relieves sore throats caused by bacteria entering the respiratory system. It lowers blood pressure and is rich in potassium minerals. Due to having Alkalinity prevents gastric reflux.


If you suffer from various digestive problems such as bloating and flatulence, eat dried figs is very effective. The most common cause of vision loss among the elderly is ocular macular degeneration. Fruits such as figs can help prevent the symptoms of aging, including the disease.

bulk dried figs

General sale of dried bulk figs


The general seller of dried bulk figs now sends his product directly to all parts of the world. Also, dried yellow figs are one of the very special and luxurious types of export figs in the country, which have many benefits for the health of the body. This unique product is always offered in different volumetric packages, as well as in bulk, to dear customers and buyers. . The general sale of bulk dried figs has many advantages for the buyer because he receives the best and first-class product at a lower price and with first-class quality from the producer. The price of dried figs varies in different volumetric packages.

The best dried figs for export, which are without any surface damage and are very high-quality, high-quality, tasty and pleasant, is one of the largest exports of the agricultural sector in a variety of nuts.

These high quality figs are cultivated and harvested in the prosperous lands of Yazd under completely standard and special supervision and with the use of the most standard fertilizers, high quality and fertile soils and healthy water, and are dried by completely hygienic methods. Now You can make a quality purchase by contacting the sales management.

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