Eating White Forest Cake in Bd Causes Oral Ulcers in Middle Aged Women

Do you remember an occasion in which you have cooked a new recipe? How did it go? That story can be an adventure right?

I will tell you about my experience baking my first white forest cake in Bd because cooking is one of my great passions. I started cooking cakes because they.

looked delicious and I wanted to make one with my own hands, so I got excited and started researching about it! From the beginning I was very enthusiastic.

Since I did not want to fail in the preparation, I bought the ready mix, so I only had to add 3 eggs, butter and a little water. It seemed like a simple process.


but the truth is that I had not understood the instructions well, you may find it funny and naive, but I added the whole stick of butter in one go, when I wanted to mix the ingredients there were lumps that were impossible to remove.

Gif woman chef surprised: As if that weren’t enough, I also failed to dust the pan I was going to cook in, this caused my cake to burn, as well as having large chunks of butter

. After spending a lot of time beating and stirring the dough, I thought oh wow! It is not as easy as they paint it, a recipe is not enough.

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