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Dried figs are high quality and popular nuts that are produced in different samples and qualities. Among the produced samples, export dried figs have the highest quality and the consumer can get different samples of this product. , To buy dried figs for export from the sales center.

export of dried figs

Features of high quality dried figs


Dried figs are among the high-quality snacks that are produced in different qualities.


In fact, the quality of dried figs directly depends on the quality of the figs used, how they are dried and how the product is stored, and usually different samples of figs in the form of It is small and large and has cream, yellow, light brown and even dark brown colors, and also the quality of dried figs of each tree is different from other trees.


In fact, the types of dried figs are divided into the categories of dried figs, smiling dried figs, one hundred and one dried figs and ordinary dried figs, and the characteristics of dried figs in each of the categories are as follows.


First grade dried or peeled figs: This sample of figs is larger than 24 mm and all the seeds are smiling or open-mouthed and the color of this model of figs will be yellow and white.


One hundred and one dried figs: This model of figs has a size of 20 to 24 mm and has a yellow and white color and is also known as Shirazi dried figs in the dried fruit market.


Smiling dried figs: This type of fig is known as coarse-grained figs and will have a size of more than 20 mm, and all the seeds of this sample of figs are blossomed and smiling, and the color of this group of figs It is yellow and white.


Ordinary dried figs: This group of figs will have a lower quality grade and their size is between 14 to 18 mm and some of their seeds are about 20 mm and only some of the seeds of ordinary dried figs It will be smiling and is usually available in cream, white, light brown and yellow colors and is known as the most economical type of dried fig.

export of dried figs

Supplier of dried figs for export


Dried figs are a sample of high quality products that are produced in different qualities and among the produced samples, dried figs for export, due to its quality and quality, is the most popular and in fact offers export figs. Made by the manufacturers of this product and will be available to consumers.

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