Discovery of 500 Year Old Al Shifa Honey in Uae in the Depths of the Sea

The honey bee existed about 150 million years ago and was engaged in reproduction.

And the history of the use of Al Shifa honey in Uae is almost with the creation of mankind and in all cultures and religions the use of honey has existed.

Until the 18th century, honey was considered the main source of sugar for people, but in the last few centuries, with the growth of sugar cane, the use of sugarcane has decreased and sugar has taken the place of honey.

In ancient Greece, people thought that the gods are eternal because they eat heavenly food, and they also consider honey as a heavenly food.

Archaeologists have discovered a bee fossil dating back 20 million years, which is kept in a museum in New York.

But they say that it is possible that its primitive species lived about 40 to 50 years ago.


In the Picot Caves of Spain, there is a painting that dates back to 12,000 BC.

In this painting, a man is seen taking honey from a beehive.

In the book Description of Honey from Homer’s poems, it is stated that in the 8th century in Greece, there were rules and regulations for bee breeding.

More than 10,000 types of bees have been identified in the world, but among them, the honey bee is the only insect that makes angin and wax.

Honey bees live in most parts of the world except Antarctica.

History of honey in Iran
The history of beekeeping in Iran dates back to more than 800 years BC.

During the Achaemenid era, it was customary to keep bees and people used honey instead of sugar. They prepare sugar.

Consumption of honey is dangerous for children under two years of age due to botulinum toxin.

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