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Figs are a sweet and useful fruit that, in addition to being fresh, is also available in dried form in the market. Daily consumption of a few seeds of dried figs increases energy levels and provides many of the nutrients needed by the body such as fiber, antioxidants such as A and B, potassium, calcium and.. Our collection offers cheap dried white figs and you can buy it in bulk and in part according to your needs.

Specifications of quality dried figs


Do you know how dried figs are prepared? Do you know the specifications of quality dried figs?


Dried figs are products that are obtained by heating figs and removing moisture from them. The quality level of this nutritious nut is related to the percentage of fruit quality and the drying process (all steps should be done carefully and correctly, in a suitable place and with clean and hygienic equipment).

We now turn to the specifications that can be used to identify and purchase the quality of this dried fruit.

High quality dried figs, large grains, its color is quite light. You should know that those whose color is close to dark beige have the lowest quality level. Another point that should be noted is the lack of small pieces of rock and sand, spiders and whistles and debris in the heart of these grains. Also, figs should not be too soft because this is a sign of product obsolescence and poor quality.

According to the tips described, it will be easy for you to prepare good dried figs.

Specifications of quality dried figs

Buy cheap dried white figs


Dried figs are very nutritious products and have much more properties than fresh ones. Daily use of this nut causes healthy skin, helps the health of the gastrointestinal tract, prevents cancer, dental health, strengthens memory, provides body iron for patients suffering from anemia, better hair and nail growth, treatment of constipation, Bone strength increases vitality and.. The use of these nutritious seeds is very suitable for the elderly who have low physical strength. Eating a few dried apricots in the morning and fasting can help treat stomach problems.

This product is produced in our country and in addition to the domestic market, it is also exported abroad. The final price for the buyer is determined by the quality level of the product and the number of intermediaries. If you are looking to buy cheap cheap white figs, you can get it with the best packaging from our store and experience a good purchase with us.

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