buy dried figs

buy dried figs

Dried fig

buy dried figs
buy dried figs

Fig fruit is consumed both fresh and dried in worldwide due to its nutrients. The fig is a tree with yellow-green leaves and a height of six meters, due nonresistance to extreme cold is grown in tropical regions. The fig tree usually begins to bear fruit since the fourth year and until the age of twenty. Dried figs are more durable than fresh figs and you can enjoy eating this sweet fruit throughout the year. Fresh figs are dried in the sun, and their excess water is changed into a nutrient snack through the drying process.

The benefits of the dried fig


  • Benefits of buying dried fig and eat them avoiding constipation and digestive problems.
  • Dried figs are a good snack to those looking to lose weight because they contain a lot of low calories.
  • Dried figs have five times more calories than fresh figs.
  • Dried figs are excellent for balancing the body’s sodium and potassium and preventing hypertension. One of the dried fig leaves has 2 mg potassium and 1 mg sodium.
  • Antioxidants in dried figs are higher than fresh figs.
  • Prevent heart disease and cancer by buying dried figs and eat them.
  • Dried figs contain 3% calcium and can improve bone strength.
  • Those who have diabetes should consult by diabetes doctor for eating the number of dried figs.
  • Dried fig leaves can help anemia. Now that you know the benefits of dried figs, add it to your diet today.

buy dried figs

Dried figs in Iran

Dried figs in Iran

  • Fig production in Estahban:

Agricultural experts have stated that figs can easily replace high-yield crops and make them more profitable. Iran does not overlook fig production and now more than half of the country’s fig production is produced in Fras province. In summer, fig harvesting begins in different villages of Fars. About 5 thousand tons of dried figs from its factories are shipped to the provinces of Isfahan, Tehran, Mashhad, Yazd, Hormozgan, Kerman and Semnan in Iran, which are the largest consumer and buyers of this dried figs. The area of fig orchards in Estahban was about 22,950 hectares in 2010 with a production of 17,000 tons of dried figs. You can buy dried figs in Fars all year.


  • Price of the dried fig in Iran:

Based on several factors the price of dried figs is determined: quality, color, size, and type. Among the commercial examples of dried figs, there are half-dried figs,   laughing dried figs, one hundred and one dried figs, normally dried figs. The dried figs are also divided into B, A, AA, AAA in terms of size and color. Dried figs are different by size, per 100 grams: Premium: 8 numbers very large, Large: 9 to 15 numbers, Medium: 16 to 25 numbers, Small: More than 25 numbers. In 1398 the price of dried figs in Iran was as follows: one hundred and one dried figs: 105,000 tomans, half-dried figs: 175,000 tomans, AAA group dried figs: 88,000 tomans, normally dried figs: 60,000 tomans.

Iranian dried fig buyers

Dried figs in Iran
Dried figs in Iran

Iran’s dried fig is known worldwide. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, Iran is the second-largest exporter of dried figs in the world. Dried figs are one of the most important types of dried fruits in Iran and in the world and every year near festival Norooz, the demand of the Iranian domestic market and export market by traders is increasing. About 6 thousand tons of dried fig export in Iran. Iranian dried figs are exported to other countries in A and AA quality. Most of Iran’s dried fig exports are to East Asian countries. In the year 1396, the export of dried figs of Iran was 11 thousand tons to 41 countries. One of the buyers of dried figs is Vietnam, which imports dried figs $24 million. It is the main customer of Iranian agricultural product, and alone buys about 87 percent of Iran’s dried figs exports. Turkey and Morocco, along with Iran, have the highest level of dried fig production. Iran nuts are one of the best-selling Iranian products in the world and exports more than $2 billion annually. Iran has exported more than 6,000 tons of fresh and dried figs to different countries in the past year. Due to exporting Iran has received more than $185 billion. One of the problems in exporting dried figs is the packaging issue. Packaging must be done according to world standards and unfortunately, Iran is not very successful.


Buy dried figs online

Many manufacturing companies around the world have focused their marketing strategy on digital marketing. Surveys show an increase of 15% online sales compared to traditional sales. Manufacturers of dried figs in Iran can also sell their products in Iran or even outside Iran by using digital marketing capabilities. Website design can show their products to their customers around the world and encourage them to buy dried figs. You can get it at home by buying dried figs online. Manufacturers can find and collaborate with major exporters and buyers of   dried figs through the website.

Dried fig in the UK

buy Dried figs
One of the major export markets for nuts is European countries, which import more than 40% of total nuts. The growing markets of Central Europe are the best opportunity to export. Selling dried figs can be one of the nut export items to the UK. Dried figs are used in many ways in the world. In the baking of cakes, dried figs are used as jam and marmalade. However, most dried figs are used as nuts.

Dried fig in New Zealand

New Zealand has little trouble with buying and selling dried figs because it is an immigrant country. New Zealand imported more than 90 kg of dried figs from Iran in 1396.

Dried fig in India

India rank is third in the ranking of dried fig exports after Vietnam and the UAE. India also imported about 124,674 kg of dried figs from Iran in 1396.

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