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Figs are a very nutritious product in the group of nuts, the consumption of which has unique benefits for the growth of the body, especially in children. However, many people develop allergies or allergies by eating dried figs. In this article, while paying attention to this issue, we will introduce the reputable centers and agencies for selling bulk dried figs for export and bulk purchase.

bulk dried figs


Who should not use dried figs?


Dried figs have a warm nature and its consumption can help to lose weight, help absorb calcium and also treat chronic anemia. Organic and fresh dried figs, especially in the cold seasons, can be a good alternative to a variety of industrial snacks. Meanwhile, nutrition experts emphasize that the consumption of figs is very useful for growing children to increase bone density and growth.

Of course, it should be noted that excessive consumption of figs can always cause problems for people. If you are a fan of eating fresh dried figs, you should consider using this type of dried fruit for people with the following plant diseases:

  • People with chronic bloating: Figs can increase bloating and abdominal pain.
  • Stomach pain: Excessive consumption of figs due to hot temper will cause diarrhea and stomach pain.
  • People with allergies: If you have allergies and sensitivities to hot foods, eat figs in moderation.
  • People with diabetes: Figs cause hypoglycemia in the body. People with chronic blood sugar should keep this in mind.

bulk dried figs

Top producer of bulk dried figs


Today, in addition to the traditional supply and bulk sale of figs, packaging cultivars also have their own fans. Of course, it should be noted that a significant volume of this product is sold in bulk and in the form of nuts and dried fruits.

As you know, the largest centers for the production of this product operate in Iran and Turkey. Export figs of premium and smiling grade to small figs with different prices are produced in this region and go to global markets.

To know the producer of dried figs and the possibility of direct purchase at competitive prices, it is very important to know the suppliers in the metropolises and areas of their activity. Given the expansion of fig supply and sales centers in global markets, the confidence of sales representatives is important.

For this purpose and with the aim of reducing prices and offering the best type of bulk dried figs, the sales representatives of this center are ready to cooperate with all major buyers and exporters of figs in all parts of the world.

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