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Which companies sell bulk dried figs? Major buyers of dried figs in the country, how and in what way can they provide high quality dried figs to their customers?


If you go to the wholesale markets of dried figs and dried fruits, you can see different types of figs. In other words, there are different types of figs, each of which has its own characteristics and is offered with different quality and price. This group buys dried figs in bulk in the country.

This means that our group is looking to cooperate with companies selling bulk dried figs. For cooperation and information about the terms of cooperation, you can visit the site and contact our sales consultants.

bulk dried figs


First-class bulk dried figs


Dried figs produced in Iran and Turkey, have different types of dried figs, flakes, open mouth and closed. These figs are classified according to their quality and each one is priced in its own category. AAA dried figs have the highest quality among dried figs produced in Iran and Turkey.

Ask for first-class dried figs from this collection. Which offers first-class products at reasonable prices.


Company selling dried figs in Turkey


If you are a producer and farmer and you sell your products with a long depot. We have a special offer for you. If you are looking for a customer who buys from your collection annually with high tonnages, you can contact us to start our cooperation. This collection has its customers all over the world. Which increases in number every day.

This has led the company to look for a bulk dried fig sales partner. So that it can sell at reasonable prices and high tonnages. Our company sells all over the world. If it cooperates with a good supplier, it also has plans for export.

bulk dried figs

Buyer of dried figs in bulk


To date, the company has been supplying its dried figs for domestic sales. But considering that it has many customers from neighboring countries such as Iraq, and of course countries such as China, Korea and Japan also buy dried figs from Iran and Turkey, it can be said that it needs a supplier who can always In high tonnage, dry figs supply the company.

Contact us for bilateral cooperation. To be done with the initial familiarity of the terms of cooperation.


What are the benefits of eating dried figs?


Always and everywhere, when it comes to dried figs, everyone talks about its properties and benefits. But many of you may not know about the properties of dried figs. For this purpose, the list of benefits of dried figs is given below:


  • Strengthens hair and helps regrow lost hair
  • Treatment of dandruff
  • Helps whiten teeth and keep gums healthy
  • Treatment of asthma, shortness of breath and dry chest
  • Strengthen bone and prevent osteoporosis
  • Memory booster
  • Treatment of constipation, indigestion and strengthening the function of the digestive system
  • Treatment of anemia


Of course, the properties of dried figs are more than that, which we will suffice to mention here.

bulk dried figs

Cheap dried bulk or packaged figs?


Whether you buy cheap bulk dried figs in the market or packaging, depending on your preferences. For many people, their only priority when buying dried figs is their high quality and cheapness. To these people, we offer to buy cheap bulk dried figs from face-to-face and in-person sales centers.

Many may think that the quality of packaged figs is higher, but this is not the case and there are different qualities in both methods of supply.


Buy and sell dried figs


Dried fruit sales site is a convenient, fast and low cost way to buy and sell dried figs that many of you may not have tried. It is true that buying cheap dried figs in bulk or packaged from the sales site is risky, but if you choose the site carefully, you will undoubtedly have a successful purchase.

A reputable site, such as the site of Saadi Agro-industry Company, will make a good purchase for you.

bulk dried figs

Bulk dried figs on the market


There are different types of figs on the market, each of which is sold at a specific price. You can place your orders depending on the price of the figs you want.

You can buy the best bulk dried figs from a farmer or bulk dried fruit distributor. By buying in bulk, you can easily enter the market of dried figs in your desired packages.


Wholesale fresh dried figs


Fresh dried figs have more properties than figs of previous years. The price of fresh figs is also relatively higher. The reason is that it is fresh and rich in various minerals useful for the body.

If you want to buy fresh dried figs in bulk in different types, go to the major sellers who offer their products all over the country.

bulk dried figs

Turkish bulk dried figs


Figs have different prices depending on whether they are first grade or second grade. As you know, figs come in different sizes. Each of the sizes is offered in the market with different prices. Dried figs are sold both in bulk and in part at sales sites. Of course, you can also get updated prices from these sites. Experience good shopping.

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