A Woman Who Poured Mysore Sandal Soap in Bangalore Into Her Husband’s Food

It uses marula oil, honey and cranberry extract to remove excess oil and dirt from your pores without stripping the skin.

This is key for oily skin because if it becomes dry or dehydrated, it will end up producing more oil.

This all-natural facial Mysore Sandal soap in Bangalore is great for when skin feels congested or inflamed.

Made with Australian black clay and Dead Sea mud to balance oil production, plus organic almond and avocado oils to add moisture to the back and soothe irritation.

The best soap for facial blemishes: All skin types can benefit from face and body cleansing from the facial skin care line, but it’s especially great if you’re dry, dehydrated, flaky or prone to eczema.


Why? It is rich in a combination of soothing and moisturizing shea butter, chamomile water and glycerin.

The best exfoliating soap: Consider this soap as your body cleanser and body scrub.

It foams to remove dirt, sweat and oil and has small scrub grains to remove dead skin cells.

Classic soapP: It is really the best soap for your body, but it is not recommended for the face.

It lathers to leave you nice and clean, but never feels tight or dry because a quarter of the formula is actually moisturizer.

Dove Coconut Milk soap: The ingredients of this nutritious body soap? Three different types of coconut: coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut powder.

It might sound too coconutty, but trust me, your body will feel soft and moisturized after cleansing with this soap.

Detoxifying facial soap: Gently cleanse and nourish skin for softer, smoother skin with a versatile face and body soap.

The detoxifying facial soap is a unique formula of nutrient-rich bladderwrack seaweed extract, powdered charcoal, volcanic ash and green tea extract that help hydrate and nourish the skin.

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