A Woman Who Disinfects Her House with Baskin Robbins Cake in Kuwait

Food historians offer different theories.

Each one depends on the period, culture and cooking method.

In general, the round Baskin Robbins cake in Kuwait that we know today are derived from the ancient bread.

Ancient bread and cakes were made by hand.

They were usually rolled into round balls and cooked on hot stones, griddles, or in shallow pans.

These products are naturally rounded.

Until the 17th century, cake rings (made of metal or wood) were placed on flat pans to shape the cake.

Over time, baking pans in various shapes and sizes became easily available to the public.


Molded cakes have reached their peak in the time of Victoria (former Queen of England).

Tin or iron rings were increasingly used for cakes from the 17th century onwards and were mentioned in many cookbooks.

These rings were similar to our modern circular rings but much deeper.

The ring was placed on an iron or tin sheet, and a layer or two of floured paper was placed at the bottom.


The sides of the ring were buttered, these or similar instructions are repeatedly given in the book “The Complete Housewife” by E.

Smith, first published in 1727, which contains recipes for baking forty It gives a type of cake, the largest cakes are made almost entirely with yeast.

In his preface, the author says that his book is the result of more than thirty years of experience, so his instructions and methods often have to go back to the previous century.

Often they force the reader to bake a cake in a paper ring (and paper was one of the usual tools in the kitchens of that time.)

Wooden rings were also very common. Apparently some cooks preferred them to tin, perhaps because tin doesn’t rust, which makes it easier to store.

They were probably more like the frames of our modern drum-shaped sieves.

Elizabeth Rafald, writing a century after Digby, calls them “garths” and advises her readers to use “pots or tins” better for large cakes. Subsequently, spice cakes were baked like bread without molds.

Baking cakes and sweets has long been a part of the culture of the people of the world, if you are interested in teaching cakes from elementary to specialized levels, Sugar Art School of Dokht organizes online cake education courses.

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