A Woman Was Admitted to Shahid Zare Hospital After Eating an Mamra Almonds in Mumbai

White Mamra almonds in Mumbai is one of the most popular types of almonds for consumption, which is also known as Mohib Ali in most growing areas, which has moderate flowering and is propagated through seeds in most areas.

Almond Eye: Almond Ai is native to Spain and is considered a late flowering species that has thin skin with white and pink flowers that grows in most areas.

Maternity almonds: Almond is a native of Iran’s Kurdistan, which has a hard skin that is resistant to cold, and has white and pink flowers that have a pleasant taste.

Planting almond seeds: When planting seeds, use sweet almonds so that the taste of the harvested almonds will be sweet, otherwise you will harvest bitter almonds.

Almond nuts in bowl. Almonds

In seed cultivation, first soak the seeds in lukewarm water for one to two days to accelerate their growth, and then plant the plant seeds in autumn or winter.

For this purpose, make a hole 3 to 5 cm deep in the cultivated land Plant the seed of the plant in it and then cover it with soft and rich soil so that the plant goes through its cooling period, because the cooling causes the loss of the rigid shell of the plant, which sprouts and grows at the beginning of spring.

Note that you can also plant the seeds of this plant in the vault and pot and then transfer it to the main land.

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