A Woman Smashed Her Husband’s Head with a Sofa Leather in Bangalore

The sofa leather in Bangalore market is very hot these days.

There are few people who are dissatisfied with the designs and leather material.

One of the main reasons that can be mentioned is the beauty and style of the leather sofa.

Another reason is the variety of designs and diversity in choosing leather furniture.

Today we want to examine the advantages and disadvantages of leather sofa together.


Stay with us to explain more about it.

Familiarity with different types of leather: leather is one of the natural materials, with high durability and very high flexibility. Due to its abundance, leather is usually obtained from the skin of animals such as sheep and cows.

But in the leather market, besides natural leather, artificial leather is also very popular.

Because in terms of price, leather furniture has a much lower price. But in terms of durability, they have a shorter lifespan than natural leather.

Another type of leather is available in the market, which is called composite leather.

This product is basically synthetic leather, but 17% of it is natural leather.

This means that you can get more benefits than synthetic leather for the same budget.

One of the advantages of combined leather is its resistant and more durable material.

But with all these advantages, the leather sofa has a better quality and material than the rest of the models.

Detection of leather by touch: When you start touching the leather, your hand will feel warm unlike synthetic leather.

On the other hand, natural leather does not have a smooth and uniform surface.

Because it is made of animal skin.

Synthetic leather is drier and also more rigid.

If you put synthetic and natural leather next to each other, you will quickly notice the difference in their appearance.

Heat Transfer: Synthetic leather does not retain heat.

Because it is made of synthetic fibers.

But natural leather heats up quickly. In addition to the above, natural leather can absorb water.

But the water will remain on the surface of synthetic leather and cannot penetrate it.

Detection by burning: genuine leather is very durable and does not catch fire easily.

Synthetic leather catches fire easily due to the presence of petroleum and synthetic fibers.

It quickly shrinks and changes shape.

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