A Woman Makes a Rocking Chair Out of Full Veneer Stone

If you are one of those people who work in the field of construction, you have definitely heard the term stone cladding.

These stone products are not a new product in today’s market, but they are growing and developing rapidly.

This cut is another type of full veneer stone cut that gives you the ability to achieve great and decent sizes with it, which is a bonus in larger applications and is a great choice for classic looks.

If you work in the stone industry, or if you visit the building stone market, you definitely know the uses and methods of using this coating.


Now many people may not know about it or how to install it.

Here we intend to address this issue.

What is meant by stone coating? Stone veneers are actually real stones that are cut in thicknesses of approximately one inch and weigh much less than 15 pounds per square foot.

Of course, this thickness and weight is more related to thin covers.

But in general, these coatings have variable thicknesses such as 4 to 6 inches and may even weigh up to 55 pounds per square foot.

Types of cutting stone coatings
Coverings that you may see on the facade of buildings and houses.

They are cut in many types, and we mention some examples in the following article.

round cut
The stones created in this type of cut are round and oval in shape and their sizes are almost balanced and are generally well used for old farms and places such as the edge of the oceans.

They are also suitable for designing village wall fireplaces, especially in mountainous areas.

In the cuts that are made in the form of edges, the thickness of the cut is much less and is generally between 2 and 4 inches, but their length is variable and different.

If you use this type of cover alone, it will create a kind of stacked look, which is a good choice for more contemporary designs.

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