A Man Lost 10 Kilos by Eating Rainbow Cake 1kg

Rainbow cake 1kg is a delicious and popular baskin robbins cake that is on the main menu of coffee shops. Of course, by preparing it at home.

you can have a simple dinner or snack to serve with your family. So if you have a business like this, it is better to join us in this article from Tandoori Magazine.

Because we intend to teach you how to make a simple and quick chocolate cake. In this tutorial, you will learn all the tricks and techniques needed to bake this delicious and tasty cake.


How to make chocolate cake without oven:

  • First step: Egg preparation
  • Second step: adding flour
  • Third step: how to prepare chocolate cake on gas
  • Step 4: How to make chocolate frosting
  • Fifth step: serving chocolate cake

There are different ways to cook chocolate cake, but in general, the method of teaching this delicious dessert Is the same in the oven and without, and you only need to pay attention.

to the shaping and creating a soft texture in this cake.

In the rest of this article, we have taught how to prepare chocolate cake without an oven, and if you use an oven.

you should set the temperature of your device to 175 degrees Celsius so that it is cooked well.

If you are satisfied with this method of preparing this chocolate cake, by referring to the archive of cooking and cake-making training materials on the Tandoori website, you can cook all kinds.

of cakes and other types of brownies with this method, such as New York cheese cake, wet chocolate cake, chocuccino cake, sponge cake, pan Get to know cakes and more.

If you are interested in starting your home business soon and you are interested in cooking and baking all kinds of cakes, such as evening cakes, etc.

you can improve your skills in this field by taking complete tandoori courses and with tandoori home business Start yourself.Chocolate cake without an oven is one of the most popular.

cakes that you can easily make on a gas flame because you don’t have an oven among your kitchen appliances by following a few tips. In the following, we will teach you step by step how to prepare chocolate cake without oven.

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